All About Me

I have fourteen years of teaching experience in elementary education, ten years with Harding County School District and four years with Meade School District. My education includes a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Science with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota.

Teaching school in an isolated, rural setting at Harding County in the northern South Dakota plains afforded me many challenges as an elementary teacher and as an individual. After teaching ten years at Harding County I decided to further my education and pursue a master's degree. In May 2000 I earned this degree and in the fall I began teaching third grade at Erskine Elementary in Sturgis. Sharing ideas, thoughts, and teaching techniques with five other third-grade teachers has been an opportunity I seldom had in my past teaching experience. This has been very beneficial for my students and myself. I continue my educational and professional growth through summer classes and classes offered through Meade School District. Life is an ever changing, ongoing learning process.

I am in the teaching profession because that is what I like to do and what I do best. My classroom is warm and inviting, creating an atmosphere of trust. My teaching style is positive and enthusiastic which inspires my students to have the same attitude. My greatest satisfaction as a teacher has been helping students to recognize their own capabilities and to have fun learning. Teaching is my life! I love children and I love to see them learn.